Peinoit Damien
CG Environment Artist / Freelancer































Employee Environment Modeling / Scene Assembly at Blur Studio
January 2017 – Present


Freelance CG Artist
From June 2008 to December 2016

  • Blur Studio 2012 to 2016
    -TitanFall 2 video Game trailer
    -HaloWars 2 movie cutscenes and trailer
    -Halo anniversary movie cutscenes
    -Darksoul 2 video game trailer
    -Fallout 4 video game Print picture for the E3 Event


  • Unit Image 2012 to 2015
    -The Division video game Theatrical trailer
    -Assassin’s Creed – Jack the reaper in 360 degree video Youtube experience
    -The Crew E3 2013 video game trailer
    -ZombiU Gamescom movie trailer
    -ZombiU E3 2012 video game trailer


  • Nki 2010 to 2013
    -Rayman Legend E3 2013 video game trailer
    -Nescafé Espresso tv advert
    -Nescafé Cappucino tv advert
    -Nescafé Dolce gusto tv advert


  • Twodots 2014 to 2016
    -FarCry 4
    -The Crew
    -Assassin’s Creed Unity
    -Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


  • Macguff 2011
    -Macdonald – Happy Meal tv advert


  • Planktoon 2010 to 2014
    -Carambarre youtube advert
    -M&ms researches and development


  • NightShift  2010 to 2014
    -Nrj12 french tv channel adverts
    -Nescafé Dolce Gusto theatrical advert
    -Chevrolet international tv advert
    -… and many luxurious brand adverts


  • Fortiche Prod 2012 to 2015
    -Agent of Mayhem video game cinematic trailer
    -Coldplay music ‘hurts like heaven’ movie clip
    -Hotel premiere Class advert
    -Honda web advert


  • Space Patrol 2010 to 2012
    -Nescafé Aroma TV ad
    -Nescafé Stick TV ad


  • Broadcast from 2008 to 2010
    Freelance Modeler/Architecture/Renderer for
    Publicis Group / L.Acoustics/ Malherbe design / Digital district / Morph
    -Dior, Hennessy, Chanel, Guerlain, Bein sport, Moet & Chandon, Renault, Airbus
    -Architectural visualisation
    -..and many others brand adverts


  • Employee at BlackPearls
    July 2007 – june 2008
    -I was in charge of creating 3D photorealistics pictures to promote products and goodies
    -Research and development design department


  • Employee at Aoki
    june 2007
    -I have worked on some 3D architecturals movies for various clients.


  • Employee at Creative Patterns
    may 2005 – june 2007
    –Creation and environments design for the ‘Building & Co’ video game
    -Supervising the Lightning on the cinematic of the game.
    -Creation of small animations for french museums and events.
    -I have also contributed in the design for somes games on Nintendo DS.


  • Mix school and business WEB – 3D
    january 2003 – july 2004
    -Webdesigner : Development of multiple websites
    -I have also contributed on mobile devices interface


6 months of production in spare time
-Tales From the Crypt FANART
Modeling/Texturing-Shading/Lightning-Rendering/Compositing of
The exterior – The first interior part – The Staircase sequence
-Assembly and Sound design of the film
3Dsmax, Zbrush, Photoshop, Vray, After-effects, Adobe Premiere



  • Degree in 3D computer graphic / Jury Mention
    MJM Strasbourg France
    2002 – 2005
    Mix school and business within Actimage for one year (2003-2004), multimedia company in Strasbourg.
  • 1999-2002 High school
  • 1994-1999 GCSE diploma, Strasbourg city France.



Interview on ‘80 level’ gaming industry website 2017
-Second place winning on Artstation 3D «The journey» international art Challenge 2016
-Interview on a french online school learning website 2015
-Interview in « Book of Creation » french art magazine 2012
-Portfolio published in « Paris Fx Creative » french magazine 2008
-Second prize on a national art school competition Discreet 2005